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January 1, 2030

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Intuitive Energy Healings


One To One Spiritual Guidance Sessions


Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring Programme


Personalised One Day Retreat


Personalised One Day Intensive


Workshops & Events


When you work with me, I guide you on your own gentle journey of deep healing and transformation. I help you to live in flow, peace and joy, truly love yourself again, get out of situations of deep pain, find the clarity and courage to move forward, remember your soul purpose and be inspired to follow your vision for your life.


As an intuitive guide and healer I connect in with your soul on a deep level to provide guidance, healing, love and support. I help you face and release emotional blocks that are stopping you living as your true self.


I tap into and channel my Divine teachers when working with you so each session is uniquely tailored for you. Any messages received are usually down to earth and include both practical steps and spiritual insights. This intuitive guidance helps you to listen to your soul's callings and get clear about the steps to take to start following that calling right now.


One of the most important things I do is to help you to open up to the Divine love and support that is always with you.


In everything I do, my focus is on allowing you to have your own personal experience. There is no right or wrong way – there is only your way.


I founded and work from The Rose Room, 7 North Street, Belfast, BT1 1NH.



Intuitive Energy Healings


My healings help you to find inner peace, start to gently release deep trauma, and clear blocks in your emotions, thoughts and energy that are stopping you living to your fullest potential. They also provide deep soul healing and help you to open up to love.


We all have an energy field around our bodies, and our emotions and repetitive negative thoughts can block it up like a blocked drain. The healings clear away the shadows and allow the light to flow in. Once you have cleared these blocks, you start to see and feel the positive changes in your life.


I am certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, also known as angel healing – but my healings go beyond that, as I tap into and channel my Divine teachers and the Divine Light when working with you. This means each healing is individually tailored to what you need.


I will often receive messages for you during the healing that will help you to progress with your life purpose and step forward into the best version of you.


If you’re already walking your spiritual path, these healings can raise your vibration and light to the next level.


No matter where you are on your journey, you will feel lighter and feel yourself shining more brightly afterwards.


Contact me to book an appointment.



One To One Spiritual Guidance Sessions


During these highly personalised one to ones I give you guidance, healing and support on your life path and spiritual journey. I tune into my Divine teachers to channel messages and healing, so you can open to a deep transformation, get clarity and move forward.


If you are feeling lost, stuck or confused, are in a time of deep pain, have encountered the void, or just want to be inspired again, then this intuitively guided session can help you to:


  • get clear on the next step to take right now.
  • let go of blocks and resistance.
  • understand all that is happening to you.
  • reconnect with the joy within you.
  • listen to your own voice and inner guidance.
  • remember your God given gifts and how you are here to use them.
  • open up to the Divine love and support that is always with you.


Contact me to book an appointment.



Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring Programme


Through a range of healings, personalised meditations, attunement to your guides and Divine teachers, and practical guidance, this intensive 6 week programme will provide deep healing and set you on a path of ongoing transformation.


The healings, meditations, connections and guidance will be intuitively guided and personalised for you, and focus on what you need to let go of and what you need to bring into your life right now.


You will benefit most if you have already started to put some sort of spiritual practice in place (even if it’s not perfect) and are ready to take to your path and give time to your own growth.


It will also benefit those who are already working at a high vibration but who want to take things to the next stage and elevate their energy and vibration.


Contact me to book and appointment.



Personalised One Day Retreat


This is a special, sacred time for you to focus on your needs and escape from the busyness and chaos of life.


It will help if you want to reconnect with your inner peace, release blocks, heal pain, find flow and joy, and be inspired for the next part of your journey.


The healing, meditations, and guidance you receive will all be intuitively guided and tailored for you.


In the stillness, you will find centredness and connection to your inner self, your soul presence.


Contact me to book a retreat.



Personalised One Day Intensive


If you’re ready for the next breakthrough, during this intense and highly personalised day you will receive deep soul healing and increase your energy, motivation and clarity.


We will follow up with a series of 4 weekly one hour sessions to help the experience balance and settle, and keep you moving forward.


This may not be for everyone as the experience will be very deep and intense on an energetic and soul level. We will both follow our guidance on whether this is the right time for you.


If interested contact me and let’s chat and see if this will be beneficial and right for you right now.


Contact me to talk more about this.



Workshops & Events


During my workshops and events, people feel a sense of peace and find healing, focus and purpose. Blocks are released. Pain is let go. Those who are searching for a deeper meaning and a spiritual path are guided gently on their way.


All my meditation sessions and retreats help you to explore your spiritual side in a gentle and supportive way, through teachings, discussion and guided creative meditation.


I always use guided creative meditations as these actively engage the mind and imagination and help you to change in a gentle way. This type of meditation uses the mind as an ally instead of seeing it as an ‘enemy’ that must be quieted.


All the sessions have a healing quality to them. The emphasis is never on plunging into past pain and trauma but on letting go of the past so you can start anew now, in this moment.


People often physically feel the energy in the classes and feel their own energy and light growing. This is physical confirmation that you are connecting to your own power and light and to the higher power of your Divine Source.


Sometimes during these sessions I can help you to connect with your spiritual guides, angels, Divine teachers or the Divine Light and start to communicate more clearly with them.


You can find out about my upcoming workshops and events here.

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