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January 1, 2030

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The Rose Room on North St is 30 seconds walk from Bridge St, Rosemary St, The Northern Whig and Fresh Garbage.


From the outside it looks like an office building but you’ll see the number seven above the door and The Rose Room on the plaque outside. Hit the buzzer for The Rose Room and you’ll find me on the first floor.


The room is accessible via a lift.




On street parking is free after 6pm and on Sundays, but it can be hard to get a space on North St itself so leave plenty of time to park in the surrounding areas and walk in. There are usually spaces on Donegall St and around Central Library.



There are a couple of disabled spaces just opposite the building.


The following car parks are all within 5-10 minutes’ walk away: North St, Donegall St, High St, Castlecourt, St Ann’s, Rosemary St, Dunbar Link.


On Saturdays you can get all day parking in the grounds of St Ann’s Cathedral for £4.



The Rose Room


My workshops, events, healings and one to ones are held in my healing room - The Rose Room, 7 North St, Belfast, BT1 1NH.


This is a non-judgemental, peaceful space for people to grow into the best version of themselves.


It’s situated right in the heart of Belfast city centre.


How to Get There




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