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New Poem in Poetry Ireland Review


I’m delighted that my poem Torn will be featured in the next issue of Poetry Ireland Review, edited by the wonderful Eavan Boland. This is a new poem which will appear in my third collection.


Poetry Ireland Review was one of the first journals to publish one of my poems, and as I was staring out as a writer in Dublin Eavan’s poetry was an inspiration to me. Her work made me feel I could write about what was important to me and gave me permission to find my own voice.


Following the Cries of your Soul


Read my latest article in Network Ireland Magazine - Following the Cries of your Soul. Have you felt that yearning within you, that you know there’s something more, that you know you are more, but you don’t know how to get from here to there?


This is your soul calling to you, saying yes there is more, and if you listen to me I will show you the way.



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