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January 1, 2030

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Free Your Creative Voice

Heartfelt Writing Weekend Workshop

10th - 11th September 2016


This weekend workshop will focus on how to write in a way that connects with other people, reaching into the deepest level of their being. This heartfelt writing has the power to change people’s lives. We will explore practical writing techniques from this deeper perspective.


We will also look at tools to break through your self doubt and blocks, so you can get writing and stay writing.


Beautiful words and an understanding of craft are not enough – the substance under the words is what matters.


Over the weekend we’ll look at how to:


  • be a heartfelt witness to life, so you’re overflowing with ideas that you are passionate about.
  • create characters who leap off the page with their fire, passion and humanity.
  • focus on the essential essence of every story - making your character go on a heartfelt, inner emotional journey of change.
  • capture a living thing. How to shape, edit and polish without making the final work lifeless.
  • stay wild and free during the writing process, finding the courage to say what you need to say and therefore the freedom to inspire people to change.


Here is some of the lovely feedback from the first Heartfelt Writing Weekend:


"Very inspiring exercises taught with tact, humour and grace."


"Packed with helpful, practical tips and info. Uplifting and confidence inspiring."


"Totally eye opening and lots of tips and tricks to writing that I didn't know. Wonderful workshop, the right amount of learning and love!"


For those who don’t know me, I’m a poet with two published collections and an award winning screenwriter and playwright. I won the Claddagh Film Script Award, the BBC Writersroom Undercover competition and I’ve had two plays and a short film produced. I was a writer for two years on RTE’s flagship drama, Fair City, and the award winning teen drama Seacht. I also spent eight years working as a BBC script editor, five years as a freelance journalist and I have a Masters in Creative Writing.


I wrote my first poem at the age of eight but stopped writing when a teacher praised my poem but said I could never have written something so good and it must have been copied. The humiliation and criticism stopped me writing for the next fifteen years. Self doubt and fear of ridicule can block all writers, often for years, and I’m passionate about helping writers get their work into the world and not waste precious time.


Whether you’re writing a novel, screenplay, poetry, graphic novel or play, this weekend will help you approach your work in a fresh and deeper way.


The workshop will take place in the beautiful and calming environment at The White Feather. Free tea and coffee provided.


Booking is essential as places are limited to ten.

The Rose Room, First Floor, 7 North Street,
Belfast, BT1 1NH

Date: 10th - 11th September 2016

Time: 11am-5pm

Cost: £125. Reduced early bird fee of £100.


Contact me for further information.

Pay in full now and secure your place
£125 + £4.00 fee for paypal


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