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January 1, 2030

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Free Transmission Of Love


3pm Good Friday - 19th April 2019


The Foundation Is Love


Often the spiritual path means disentangling ourselves from what we were taught as children and going within ourselves to find the truth now as a spiritual adult.


When I was working on the art project Bridging The Silence, we spent some time in Taranto in Puglia, Italy. It has the most incredible old town – a sprawling mass of ancient buildings and small alleys that has grown and grown over centuries, with each new influx of people. There is one point where you can see down to the original foundations of a building and the layers and layers of new foundations in different materials that have been built on top of it over the centuries.


To me, this is what it’s like when we look at Jesus and his message and teachings. There is the foundation of love and there is everything that has been added on top of it with each generation, burying and obscuring the truth underneath.


But the foundation is love. It never changes. We need to get back to that core that is holding everything else up. We need to peel away the layers for ourselves and see what we find – what was there at the beginning, what our soul senses and sees underneath.


“You must do as love drives you to do. Use it as a guiding compass in your life. Work in synchronicity with me and I will teach you how to wield this love for the Divine good and the good of all.


First you must open yourself to love. Most of you have closed your hearts to my love and to all love because you have been hurt in the past. Now is the time to let go and release all those past hurts and start anew. They mean nothing in this present moment. Start again, start afresh. It is only when you open to love that you open to your true spiritual power. As long as you close your heart, you strangle your power. You suppress all that is good and this causes the disease and illnesses in your body and soul.” Jesus


Everyone is so welcome to join us to both send and receive love this Good Friday at 3pm.


We’ll be working with the beautiful energies of Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and The Divine Light of God to send this beautiful wave of love around the world.


I’ll be sitting at 3pm GMT but wherever you are, sit at 3pm your time and simply ask Mary, Jesus, Mary, God and your own spiritual guides to be with you and they will.


Date: Good Friday - 19th April

Time: 3pm

Cost: Free




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