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January 1, 2030


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John Smith


January 1, 2030


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January 1, 2030

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You Are The Miracle – Teaching From Mary Magdalene

December 17, 2018
Category: Blog Post

In this beautiful channelled teaching, Mary Magdalene talks about reconnecting to your soul, returning to the blank canvas within you, making the small changes to step forward into the true soul you, and choosing only thoughts that are aligned to your highest self.

I always find Mary to be an empowering, supportive and powerfully loving guide. You might like to close your eyes and open your heart to connect with her presence as you listen.




I’ll continue to share a short video every Monday for the rest of December, with a channelled teaching from one of my divine teachers that shows you how to open your heart to love, why you are the miracle and you have the power to stop, listen to your soul, your guides and the Divine and take one small step today to turn your life around.


Monday 10th December – a channelled teaching from my healing guide.

Monday 17th December – a channelled teaching from Mary Magdalene.

Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December – a channelled teaching from Jesus.

New Year’s Eve, Monday 31st December – a channelled teaching from the Divine Light.


I’ll share these on my Facebook page at 7am each Monday - www.facebook.com/deirdrecartmill


I’ll also share them on my blog, YYouTube channel -  www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTH-AJk5dgsu5ZlizJrV9g - and personal Facebook page later that day - www.facebook.com/starfire.healing.


You can make the small changes today that will help you step into the ultimate life for you.


Tags: God Mary Magdalene Jesus meditation channel channelled message spiritual teacher healing healer Deirdre Cartmill inner peace love soul spirituality spiritual teacher

You Are The Miracle – My Healing Guide

December 10, 2018
Category: Blog Post

In this beautiful channelled teaching, my healing guide talks about opening to joy and love, accepting all good into your life and how your spiritual guides are always with you to help you fly.

I’ll continue to share a short video every Monday for the rest of December, with a channelled teaching from one of my divine teachers that shows you how to open your heart to love, why you are the miracle and you have the power to stop, listen to your soul, your guides and the Divine and take one small step today to turn your life around.

Monday 10th December – a channelled teaching from my healing guide.

Monday 17th December – a channelled teaching from Mary Magdalene.

Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December – a channelled teaching from Jesus.

New Year’s Eve, Monday 31st December – a channelled teaching from the Divine Light.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for free to hear instantly when new videos are added.

As Christmas approaches and we prepare to step into a new year, remember what’s important to you and know you are worthy and Divinely Loved.

Tags: God healing spirit guides angels channel channelled message miracles spirituality spiritual teaching Christmas inner peacem joy love flow

You Are The Miracle – The Moment That Changed My Life

December 06, 2018
Category: Blog Post

Are you looking for that life changing moment in all the wrong places?

I never imagined that I would be sitting here talking about my journey from heart attacks to hearing angels. But it wasn’t the heart attacks that changed my life. It wasn’t the beautiful epiphany I had during my second heart attack. It wasn’t hearing angels or even the physical miracles I’ve experienced. The moment that changed my life was a smaller deeper moment that I share on this video…

I’m sharing my very personal story here, because I hope it will help you to see that you are the miracle in your life. You can make the small, inner changes every day that will fill your life with joy and love and be the loving force of change you were born to be. 

In the madness of Christmas it’s so easy to get lost in the external. To help you take time out to focus on you, I will share a short video every Monday for the rest of December, with a channelled teaching from one of my divine teachers that shows you how to open your heart to love, why you are the miracle and you have the power to stop and change your life now.

Monday 10th December – a channelled teaching from my healing guide.

Monday 17th December – a channelled teaching from Mary Magdalene.

Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December – a channelled teaching from Jesus.

New Year’s Eve, Monday 31st December – a channelled teaching from the Divine Light.

I’ll share these on my Facebook page at 7am each Monday - www.facebook.com/deirdrecartmill

I’ll also share them on my blog, YouTube channel and personal Facebook page later that day.





As Christmas approaches and we prepare to step into a new year, remember what’s important to you and know you are worthy and Divinely Loved.

Tags: God inner peace joy love channelled teaching channel healing Divine Light Jesus Mary Magdalene angels spirit guides

Meditation Is Self Love Not Self Control

September 15, 2018
Category: Blog Post

Meditation is a daily gift of love for yourself. It is a beautiful way to care for yourself and to make deep changes, with ease and gentleness. 

When I first started to meditate, I thought meditation was all about controlling my thoughts, that I had to try really heard to clear my mind of all thoughts, and that after a week or so meditating I was meant to have no negative thoughts or feelings at all. Talk about setting yourself up for failure. I think many people still have this impression of meditation, that it’s a bit like going to the gym – you know it’s good for you but you know it will be too hard so you just don’t bother. In fact, the opposite is true.


Meditation is all about not doing anything. It’s as easy as daydreaming.


To meditate you first need to stop. Sit down and do nothing. Fight the urge to be useful and take time out. What happens when you sit? Your body starts to relax. Then your mind relaxes, and if you stay with it, you feel this sense of calm and peace rising within you – simply because you’ve stopped all the busyness. Thoughts come and go but you’re enjoying sitting in the peace so you let them float on by.


When you sit for a while, then you start to notice that little voice within you, you tune into your intuition, you hear the whispers of your soul. This happens naturally – a knowing, a sense, a feeling rises up within you, guiding you.


Sometimes the knowing that we will hear this inner voice is what puts us off meditation. We know we need to leave the job, leave the partner, make the change, but we’re trying to stay in denial. We don’t want to listen. But until we make the change we will never be happy.


Other times we’re afraid that the pain and fear and anger will arise during meditation. Sometimes it does. Then you just sit with it; you let yourself feel it; and eventually you let the feelings float away, just as you do with the thoughts, as you let the peace flow in again.


When you’ve meditated for a while, and you start to trust this inner knowing, then you start to put this wisdom and guidance into action, making small changes in your life. This is when your meditation starts to really change your life. You listen, you know, you stop fighting and you gently do what you need to do.


The most beautiful aspect of meditation is when you start to experience pure love, joy and peace during your meditations. You move beyond words and concepts to the living experience of these states of being. Once this happens you remember these are your natural states. You know they well up from within you and therefore you know you don’t need anything outside of you to bring you all the love, joy and peace you crave; you know you don’t need anything outside you to fill up the emptiness. All you want is inside you always.


You may listen to relaxing music, be mindful of everything around you, or do a visualisation, but these just tune out the noise of the world and help you to focus on the moment. They help you to slip into meditation but don’t confuse them for the meditation. The beautiful state you slip into is the meditation.


These inner experiences lead to the deeper change that comes from meditation. Instead of the baseline for your everyday life being feelings of fear, stress, anger and pain, your baseline moves up to a feeling of calm and a knowing everything will be okay. The negative thoughts and emotions will still come up in your daily life. You’ll fall into the fear, the anger, the drama, old trauma but you’re quicker to let them go, to let them float on by as you do in meditation, and centre back into the calmness again.


This deep, gradual change, built on strong foundations is the greatest gift of meditation. Stop looking for the quick fix and take the gentle step every day to give yourself self love through meditation.


When you choose to meditate you are opening your heart to all you want to be; you are holding the soul intention of listening and growing – and the changes come effortlessly through doing nothing but sitting with yourself and letting your soul gently guide you, as it’s meant to.



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Tags: Meditation soul inner peace personal growth spirituality spiritual guidance spiritual mentoring mindfulness visualisation

Honouring Your Dreams & Visions, & Divine Flow

August 10, 2018
Category: Blog Post

I love summer. You get a chance to take the foot off the pedal and reconnect with yourself and remember what’s important to you. That got me thinking about how little time we spend thinking about what’s important to us.

Just for one minute every day, why don’t you stop and honour the dreams and visions your soul holds for this life, by sitting in silence for a minute and calling those dreams and visions into your mind and holding them in your heart. You can join with me in this simple yet powerful practice on the video.

If you feel you’re trying to follow your dreams but the world seems to be conspiring against you, ask yourself two things. First, are you being impatient? You may have spent a long time heading the wrong way, and it will take a bit of time to redirect your life the way you want to go now.

The second question to ask is where is the intention behind this dream coming from? Is it coming from your soul, and something that will bring you inner joy, peace and love? Or are you doing it to please or impress someone else? Once it’s coming from your soul, you have all the Divine help beside you that you need, to make it happen.

One thing I know for sure is that your calls for help to God, your angels, guides or teachers are always, always answered. If you’re screaming that they’re not, look at it this way. Their Divine help and guidance is a safety net, gently guiding you to fulfil your soul’s dreams. They will not help you do something that will cause more self-destruction, pain and trauma. They will gently steer you the other way. You know you are coming from your soul if things flow; you will feel the hand of the Divine at work beside you.

Sometimes you can feel very far away from your dreams and visons; these are the times when it’s all the more important to take the time to remember them and honour them - to use them as a guiding force to get back on track.

If you are in the middle of a healing crisis and it’s all you can do to get up and get through the day, remember this crisis is a time to stop and take stock. During this time remembering your dreams and visions can remind you of all you are and where you will head to when you’re ready to walk again.

This simple yet powerful practice of sitting in silence for one minute each day and holding those dreams and visions in your heart can be a beautiful guiding star in your life.


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Tags: God inner peace soul dreams vision joy meditation spirituality

Living It Now

June 25, 2018
Category: Blog Post

Life is what happens when you're making other plans. But it's in those moments when life throws you a curve ball that you most need to call in all your spiritual tools and practices to get you through.

My beautiful partner had a heart attack completely out of the blue. As he was in with the doctors and I waited nervously to find out what was going on, I fell back into my old coping mechanisms.


Then I realised I needed more, and that I could call up my inner peace, strength and connection to God if I simply stopped and chose to…



Tags: God inner peace heart attack presence meditation mindfulness soul joy peace love

Why Your Manifesting Isn't Working

June 25, 2018
Category: Blog Post

It’s easy to think that manifesting is simply about stating what you want and waiting for it to come to you like magic. The problem is you don’t manifest from the words you say – you manifest from your whole being. You manifest from who you are in your soul and from how you feel in your heart.


Your manifesting will not work until you heal your heart, and will only come to you when what you want to manifest is in alignment with your soul and with your core values.


But you can reach the stage where you simply have a thought and what you want flows to you without effort…


Tags: God soul manifesting Law of Attraction healing spiritual healing heart flow. Divine core values

What Is Spirituality?

March 09, 2018
Category: Blog Post

There are a lot of ideas flowing around about what spirituality is and what it means to be spiritual. It’s worth taking the time to figure out what it means to you.

Keep it pure, simple and easy. In my view spirituality is returning to oneness and living, breathing presence with God. To get there you go on an inner journey back into your soul, into the living spirit within you, to uncover the truth that lies within you. It’s a remembering and a reconnecting to that Divine Presence within you, and a remembering how to live as this presence of joy, peace and love.


There are many ideas around what it means to be spiritual. One idea is that if you’re spiritual, you’re always positive and never have any negative thoughts or feelings. But you’re going on an inner journey of healing, and thoughts and feeling will rise up to be healed. You are the only one who can go bring yourself on this journey. There are many guiding lights around but you have to do this for you.


Don’t get distracted by these guiding lights. There is another view of spirituality that can make you feel you have to be a psychic, a medium, a healer, a channel or similar in order to be spiritual. I believe we all have these innate abilities but having them doesn’t make you spiritual. Spirituality means going deeper, back to the Divine within you. These are beautiful guiding lights back to God, and if you are currently expressing these gifts then you can be a guiding light for others - but don’t get side-tracked by the guiding lights. Remember what you are going back to. Religion can also be a distraction if you don’t take the last step of connecting deeply and personally to God within you.


It’s time to stand up, take responsibility and journey back inside yourself. This is so freeing and empowering as you can make that choice.


In order to go on this inner journey, you need to stop and be still, and start to listen to that inner voice. I do this through meditation. I hold the intention to connect with God or one of my Divine teachers, and then I sit and listen and see what rises up within me.


Though I use the word listening, the ‘voice’ may come as a knowing, a feeling, a sense of something, which can at first feel like your imagination. After a while you start to notice that when you listen to this knowing it leads you closer to your soul self, your Divine self, and when you don’t it leads you away from it. Then you begin to trust this inner ‘voice’, this knowing.


You are a being of spirit in a body – therefore you are inherently spiritual. You don’t need to do anything to be spiritual. But right now you can choose if you want to step into conscious awareness of your soul self, and live in the joy, peace, love and light of living, breathing oneness with God.


You can choose now to step back into that awareness, to start journeying inside yourself and to make the inner changes that will let you live in joy, peace and love in this life, here and now.



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Tags: spirituality God Divine soul peace love joy meditation personal growth and development spirit truth Oneness

Radical Self Love & Self Healing

March 08, 2018
Category: Blog Post

It’s time now to go much deeper into self love and self healing. Many of us have come crashing back into our bodies through December and January. We are here to live in these bodies, in this life and we can’t fight that any longer. 

By the time our lack of self love manifests in our physical bodies, it has passed through our emotions, our thoughts and our spiritual energy. It’s time now to let go of all feelings of unworthiness, self doubt, fear, anxiety and pain, and heal not just our bodies but all of us.


We may have been skirting around the edges of self love and self healing, but now it’s time to find the courage to dive right in, to go deep within us and heal on a radical new level, and finally learn how to give ourselves the love, gentleness, understanding and compassion that we give to others.


Self love and self healing are symbiotic When you start to work deeply on self love, then past patterns, pain and trauma come up to be healed, And you can only truly love yourself by doing your own deep healing.


Call in all the Divine help you need. Call on compassionate friends. Know we are all doing this together. Step out on your path with courage and love for yourself. Know you can shine as the beautiful light you are, if you allow yourself to truly love yourself on all levels, completely, utterly and deeply.



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Tags: Self love healing joy peace love God Divine compassion meditation inner peace spirituality personal growth and development


December 18, 2017
Category: Blog Post

This month's guidance message is about returning to our natural state of living, breathing oneness with God. 

Imagine God living through us, and us living through God. This is the way we are meant to live. It’s time to let go of all our wrong thinking and get back to this natural state.


If you want to know how to live as this, look at our beautiful teacher Jesus. He personified this in every way with forgiveness, compassion, non-judgment, love and light flowing through him in every moment, and God’s presence always flowing from him, through him, with him.


We are all meant to have this beautiful presence of God flowing through us.


To get back to this state first requires awareness that it is our natural state, and acceptance that we can attain this state. Then hold the intention that we want to return to this beautiful state. Finally surrender in meditation to this experience.


It’s time to let go of all the feelings of shame and unworthiness that stop you from letting God step close to you. Then go a step further, and let God flow through all of you. Surrender to this pure love and light. Then let your love, light and energy flow back through God.


Ask God and teachers like Jesus to help you to overcome your resistance and return to this natural state. Remember it is the beautiful Force of Love, it is the Divine Light of our Divine Source that we are returning to, to live in living breathing Oneness with.


If we don’t live as this, we are living in oneness with anger, fear, confusion and stress. Gently day by day step back to love and oneness with God, the Source of all Love.









Tags: God Jesus love light monthly guidance spiritual guidance awakening soul meditation enlightenment spirituality personal growth

Your Daily Vision For Your Life

November 02, 2017
Category: Blog Post

This month’s guidance video is about the simple but powerful practice of tuning in each morning to remember your vision for your life and your vision for this day.

Take time each morning to connect with God, your Divine Source, and ask to be given your vision for today. Don’t just ask - be open to receive the answer. Don’t come with your own list of expectations about what this may be. Sometimes we approach this looking for a list of chores or a to do list for the day, but this is about something deeper – about holding the vision of how you want to be, no matter what is happening around you.


I got a beautiful reminder of this this morning when I asked God to give me my vision for today. I was expecting to be guided to record this video, channel, maybe do some writing, but the vision I got was ‘to sit in the joy of my heart.’ How utterly beautiful is that?


When you let this daily vision permeate everything, it doesn’t matter what is happening around you. Things may not magically become perfect – but you are being a different way in response to them.


For example, I hate being on camera so I’m usually in a bit of a state before recording these videos, but today I tried to sit in the joy in my heart as I recorded, and that transformed the experience. We can let this daily vision guide us to make the small leaps of faith, the small steps forward every day, that build on each other and lead to huge changes in our lives.


I was reminded of the importance of this daily vision a few weeks ago when I found myself spontaneously saying the Our Father one morning in meditation. I was surprised as I hadn’t said any formal prayers in a long time. But it felt beautiful and profound and loving as I repeated it. I thought about it a lot afterwards. Jesus is one of my most beautiful teachers and I pondered why he gave us these words. With these words he was really giving us a way to tap in every day to our bigger vision for life and a prayer that is a daily reminder to focus our vision on this day.


I thought about what those words meant to me now:


Our Divine Source, who is still in the light, who is the Light,

let us raise everything to the sacredness of you.

Help us to create heaven here on earth

and to walk in that heaven here on earth.

Please sustain us with everything we need for this day.

Help us to forgive ourselves and to forgive all others

because we know once we forgive

it will be such a weight off our heart and off our soul

that will allow us to love again.

Help us not to be distracted by the noise of the world

but to live in our living, breathing Oneness with you,

and when we do fall into that distraction

help us to come back to that living, breathing Oneness with you.

So be it.


I find myself still saying the original Our Father, rather than my words, but they now have a deeper resonance for me.


The words that seem most powerful and beautiful to me now are ‘thy will be done’ - the very words I fought against and resisted in my youth, as I felt I was being giving a list of rules and judgements, that I would be judged against. Now I see God’s will or vision for us is to live in beauty and love, and he will give us this vision again and again to remind us of this truth.


Don’t we all yearn to live in this beauty, joy and love every day? Tuning into our vision each morning, listening to God, and surrendering to the beauty that our Divine Source wants us to live in today will lead us to this beauty, joy and love.




Tags: God meditation Our Father The Lord's Prayer Jesus peace joy love Divine Source spirituality personal development spiritual guidance vision

Be Present & Alive - Monthly Guidance Sept 2017

September 26, 2017
Category: Blog Post

Welcome to this month’s guidance video. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year with intense healing happening for us all. The healing continued throughout the summer, when we were forced to slow down and integrate this healing. As September started, the energy started to flow again - and yet many of us still feel unsettled, lost, unclear. It can feel as if we’re going through a shamanic dismemberment, being taken apart, to be put back together in a new way.

Like me, you may have been waiting to get to the other side – but there will always be another side, and if we keep waiting to get to the other side we are never really living in this moment. It’s time to be present and alive in each moment – present and alive to whatever is happening, and present and alive to the Divine.


Sometimes it’s the idea that we have to be a poster child for spirituality and be living a perfect life that keeps us from being present and alive. All you have to be is you.


It’s time to really accept that we do not have two separate lives – our spiritual life and our other life – it’s all one life. It’s time to take all we’ve learnt in our spiritual practices and be it on our daily life. And what have we fundamentally learnt? We’ve learnt to tap into the still and unending part of us that is our soul, and to sit in its peace. We’ve learnt to be still enough and quiet enough to become aware of the Divine. And in those moments when we were absorbed in our practice, we’ve learnt to be present and aware.


This is not about trying and striving. It’s about letting go and surrendering. It’s time to let the Force of Love within us flow out. We often unconsciously push back against this Divine flow of Love. It’s time to simply stop pushing back, to let it flow, to let it transform all.


Our teachers like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Mother Mary made this look so effortless, because they elevated every moment to the sacredness of God. It did not have to be a beautiful moment or a peaceful moment. Every moment was elevated to the sacredness of God.


How do we do this? Be present and alive in this moment, no matter how imperfect it is. Be present and alive to the Divine in this moment, and let that Force of Love flow into this moment and transform all.


Tags: Divine God healing spirituality spiritual practices presence transformation surrender integration Jesus Buddha Mother Mary Mary Magdalene soul peace flow Force of Love

Return to Love - Monthly Guidance July 2017

July 22, 2017
Category: Blog Post

RETURN TO LOVE is the theme of this month’s guidance video. As we’re sharing this on the feast day of Mary Magdalene, it starts with a beautiful channelled teaching from her.

Stop listening to your contaminated mind, turn inside yourself and find out what Love means to you – a grown up idea of Love that comes from your own soul and our own inner experience. Let this Love guide you back to your Oneness in Love with your Divine Source.


Here is a short extract from the teaching on the video:


You are all giving birth to a new world. You are going through such birthing pains at the moment because you are fighting against this birth, fighting against that which cannot be fought. Let yourself flow with it. Play your part in joy. Let yourself birth the light and love you are here to birth by doing what brings you joy and see how easy it becomes to transform yourself and to transform your world.


What is your part? It is the thing within you that brings you such joy. It is the thing within you that has been waiting to burst forth since childhood. It is the thing within you that has been crying out to be freed from you and let into the world. You know in your heart what it is. It makes no difference in what way you manifest this thing in the world, for you can manifest it in a thousand different ways, but you know the thing, the presence, the way of being that longs to be born from you and you must let it come forth now.


The pain of birth is always followed by the joy that makes the pain all seems so meaningless. Do not fear the pain. It is a means to an end – a most beautiful end. It is temporary and elusive, for its substance is not based in reality but in your understanding of and attitude towards reality – and quite often your misunderstanding of reality. So the pain is not real. Only the end result of joy and oneness with your Divine Source is real. Seek this oneness, this final end, and know it will only bring you the joy and peace and ultimate love you crave.”

Mary Magdalene


Focus On You, Surrender & Receive - Monthly Guidance June 2017

June 27, 2017
Category: Blog Post

Focus On You, Surrender & Receive is the theme of this month’s guidance video.


Whether you pray, contemplate, meditate, manifest, it is all just a request to co-create with the Divine.

Two things stop you getting what you’ve asked for – focusing in the wrong direction, and not truly being open to receive what you’ve asked for.


When you ask, pray, try to manifest something, stop asking for someone else to change or for something outside of you to change or to happen. Focus on healing and transforming you. The only thing you can truly change is you. This is not limiting. This is freeing. No-one and nothing can stop you changing and transforming you. Nothing can stop you from becoming the highest, brightest you. And once you’ve changed internally, then you can become the transforming force you want to be in this world.


We are always in a dance between our minds and our souls. But make no mistake – the soul is meant to lead. If you forget the steps, let the soul lead. If it leads you into a freestyle you hadn’t planned on, know it knows what it’s doing and let it lead you to become your highest you. Let yourself enjoy the dance


There are a number of reasons we don’t let ourselves surrender and receive the healing, love, light and guidance of God. We feel we are not worthy. We think there is a limited amount to go around. We think it is a quid pro quo, that there is a cost involved – and at a deep level many of us think this cost will lead us to our crucifixion. But this is so far from the truth.


It does means going to the places inside you that you don’t want to go, listening to the things you don’t want to hear, because these will lead you into the heart of your own soul. This is where the good stuff is. This is where you will find yourself. This should be approached in love not fear.  Because the only thing the Divine asks of you is that you give in to your soul’s deep desire to constantly give love to your Divine Creator and receive love from your Creator in a never-ending cycle of love. This is not love as a fluffy idea or an emotion. This is love as a Divine transmuting fire that regenerates you over and over. This is what it means to be reborn, to be born again - to let yourself be regenerated over and over in this transmuting Fire of Love.


Surrender. And without effort the magic you’ve been crying out for will finally happen. Surrender and let the magic of the true you flow in.


Focus on you, surrender and let yourself deeply receive, and live in the joy and love you yearn for, and create that world of Love around you.


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May 12, 2017
Category: Blog Post

OVERCOMING ABANDONMENT & FINDING ACCEPTANCE is the theme of this month’s guidance message from my Divine Family of teachers.

Many of us have deep seated abandonment issues from childhood where we may have felt abandoned physically, emotionally or psychologically. We may be unconsciously repeating this pattern in our relationships and friendships. Bringing awareness to this helps us to move on to healthier relationships.


Abandonment can also stall us on our spiritual path because we often feel abandoned by God, our Divine Source. This is not true. It is impossible to be abandoned by God. We are one with God and God is one with us. In the moments when we feel abandoned, we cry out and accuse God of leaving us, but this very act pushes us away from our living, breathing, never-ending connection to Him. Instead we can accept what is happening, surrender to that and ask for help to reconnect, so we can feel God’s love, guidance and protection when we need it most, always, without fail.


God, your Divine Teachers and your spiritual guides are with you always. You are never abandoned.

Tags: God Jesus abandonment acceptance healing love Divine Teachers guidance channelled message monthly guidance

Live Your Truth

April 16, 2017
Category: Blog Post

LIVE YOUR TRUTH is the core of this message from the Divine Light on Resurrecting Yourself.

Take charge of your dreams and your vision for your life, drop your ideas of having to suffer, and become a shining, loving presence in this world.

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Be The Highest Brightest You

April 15, 2017
Category: Blog Post

BE THE HIGHEST, BRIGHTEST YOU is at the heart of Easter Saturday’s channelled message from Mary Magdalene on Resurrecting Yourself.

Step into the All and all you are. Let this be as natural as a rose reaching up to the sun. Simply be.


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Walk Back To God

April 14, 2017
Category: Blog Post

WALK BACK TO GOD is the theme of Good Friday’s beautiful channelled message from Jesus on Resurrecting Yourself. Take to your path, led by your soul, following love, and love yourself back to God.

Ask yourself now – which way are you walking?

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Resurrect Yourself - Monthly Guidance Video

April 13, 2017
Category: Blog Post

RESURRECT YOURSELF is the theme of this month’s guidance video from my Divine Family. As we approach Easter it’s important to remember that the focus is meant be on the resurrection not the crucifixion, that Jesus wanted to show us we are these eternal souls beyond the body, that we are these Beings Of Light and that we can Be our Divine Selves here and now as he did.

In the video we share three steps for resurrecting yourself now. We all go through moments of deep pain and trauma that can feel like crucifixions. I know this from my own life and my heart attacks. But we all have the power to heal this pain, make new choices and resurrect ourselves into a life led by our souls, by the Divine within us. And we all have the power to make that new choice right now.

I will be sharing more channelled video messages over Easter weekend from Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Light on the theme of resurrecting yourself.

Good Friday – a message from Jesus on walking back to God.

Easter Saturday - a message from Mary Magdalene on being the highest, brightest you.

Easter Sunday – a message from the Divine Light on living your truth.  

I will post these videos here and on my public Facebook page each morning.


I’ll also share them on my YouTube channel later each day. Don't forget you can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to hear instantly when new videos are added.

Remember you have the power to make a new choice, and even in the midst of pain and confusion, you can change your life now.


Monthly Guidance Message - Forming Sacred Relationships

March 17, 2017
Category: Blog Post

This month’s monthly guidance message from my Divine Teachers looks at relationships - how to bring the sacred and divine into relationships, moving beyond romantic love to a deeper love, a reflection on twin soul relationships and a reminder that self love is the basis for all love.

Tags: Love relationships twin souls Divine sacred God Guardian Family Divine Teachers channel channelled messages self-love Jesus Mother Mary Mary Magdalene St Joseph Melchizedek

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