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January 1, 2030

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31 Ways To Happiness


Tuesdays Autumn 2017


Learn how to leave the pain behind and be filled with joy and love, live in flow and peace, and let the light that is buried inside you shine. Empower yourself to believe in you and become all that you can be.


You no longer have to stay enslaved by your conditioning, your fears, the limiting labels you give yourself. Right, here, right now, you can awaken to a life where you are living as the true you – that best version of you that you know is buried inside you.


These sessions will help you to reconnect with your true self, your soul and let it guide your life. Start to create the life your soul came here to live. Start making choices based on your soul’s guidance and fuelled by love. Connect with your higher guidance and find the magic, passion and power in your life again.


The course is based on a book of guidance that the beautiful teacher Jesus has channelled through me - 31 Ways To Happiness: Find Joy, Peace & Love by Awakening to Your True Self. The course will run in 5 week blocks and weeks 6-10 will cover:


Week 6 - The Sacred Space of Love

Week 7 - Focus Your Mind & Fill Yourself with Divine Love

Week 8 - Be A Guiding Light

Week 9 - Think Like God

Week 10 - Live with Abandon in the Joy of Your Soul


The overall theme for these five weeks is Love.


The entire series of weekly sessions will help you to:

  • rediscover the love, strength, courage, power and wisdom that lies within you.
  • release past traumas and pain.
  • heal from feelings of unworthiness and being less than.
  • find and live your purpose in life.
  • connect with your inner guidance and higher guidance.
  • build a newfound faith in you.
  • become a powerful, loving presence in the world.


This is a life changing course if you’re ready to embrace it and do your own inner work between sessions. The sessions will include readings from the book, guided meditations and discussion. Inner experience is the foundation for change in your life so the meditations form a potent part of the sessions.


The words from Jesus are inspiring and powerful, and his energy is very much present during the meditations. The teachings are not about any religion and transcend all religions, getting straight to core spiritual truths.


“I was once like you – lost in the dark, looking for a way out. I found the way by following the light inside me, for it always leads to the bigger light, the one true light of the Divine source. Follow the light always and find your one true path and live it with abandon.”


Everyone is welcome. No beliefs are necessary. No meditation experience is necessary.


Check out some video messages from the book here:



Contact me if you’d like to find out more or book a place.


If you’re curious but unsure, contact me about coming along to the first night to see how you feel.


Give yourself space to come and dream again and shift your life back into the Light.


Here is some lovely feedback from people who have previously come along to these sessions:


“Thank you so much Deirdre for an amazing 10 weeks. I have truly come to understand the revolution aspect of this process as my life and my soul have been transformed within these 10 weeks.


I would highly, highly recommend your classes to anyone who wishes to form a deep connection with their soul and who wants to live from an understanding that love, healing, power and wisdom lie within each of us, giving us an understanding that living your soul’s purpose is a very simple process.


I was shown through these meditations that we do not need to dwell within the darkness of our past traumas or be ruled by our limiting beliefs. It is possible to feel our feelings, understand their meaning, release them and feel free. It is possible to be the master within our lives and manifest greatness. And it is so easy.”


Nicola Hughes


“My entire life shifted.”


H. Logue


“Inner healing through the words of Jesus.”


N. A.


“Meeting you and the rest of the group has changed my life.”


“Simply the truth.”



The Rose Room, First Floor, 7 North Street,
Belfast, BT1 1NH

Date: Tuesdays Autumn 2017

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Cost: £50

Contact me for further information.

Book your place now securely via PayPal (including £2.00 PayPal charge):

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