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January 1, 2030

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And My Stone Heart Beats


Silent Meditation-Prayer-Healing


2018 dates tbc


A gathering of people of all beliefs and no beliefs to send positive energy and healing into the area. Everyone is welcome.


We will create a pattern that symbolises love and Oneness together made out of stones. Bring a stone of your choice then place it where you feel guided, as we create this beautiful pattern together.


Then we will gather around our co-created pattern and sit for half an hour in silence to meditate/pray/send out positive intentions/visualise/whatever each individual would like to do.


On the day:

– place your stone where you feel guided as we create our pattern of love and oneness together.

- write your heartfelt hopes and intentions if you wish to, and we will include these as an installation in the space.

- grab a cuppa while you think.

-  we will gather around the symbolic pattern we have created together, and sit for half an hour in silence, sending out positive energy and healing in whatever way we each choose to.

– as you leave you can choose to take a stone with you, a connection to another person, a reminder of our connection to one another.


If you’d like to bring along something that represents a loved one you’d like to remember – for example a ring, a feather, a photo, an object - we can add this to our stone pattern at our event.


Places are limited  so booking is essential.


Please feel free to share and invite friends.


Suitable for over 16’s.


There were 6 events held in 2017 with more to come in 2018.


Thanks to all the friends and volunteers helping me with these events across the year. If you're interested in being part of the team, contact me.

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